Truffle specialties

Truffle specialties

Lgm Tartufi

The truffle is the poetry of the table

The rebirth

LGM Tartufi was born in Spoleto, in the heart of Umbria, and took over the reins of Francia srl, a well-known company that in the last 20 years has been at the service of large retailers in central Italy. The new management wants to let everyone know the passion for truffles and the great love for their land. Umbria is known all over the world for its winter black truffle (Tuber melanosporum Vitt.) And the famous white truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico).

The quality

LGM Tartufimakes the main truffle species available all year round: black summer truffle (Tuber aestivum Vitt.), Fine black truffle (Tuber melanosporum Vitt.), White truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico), white truffle (Tuber borchii Vitt. ). The quality, the genuineness and the respect for the customer are the principles on which the new company is based. A wide range of truffle products will be available shortly to meet every need of restaurants, wholesalers and gastronomy.


Why LGM Tartufi

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Wide range of products for retail, catering, industrial processing


Products always available at our warehouse


All the raw materials we use are selected and processed with great care by our operators in an artisanal and maniacal way


We do not use other ingredients with respect to what is stated on the label

Customer service

Pre and post-sales support always available to answer any request

Fast Shipments

(24 / 48h throughout Italy and Europe) and super resistant packaging

Fileria control

The global standard of our supply chain demonstrates the quality and safety of our products.

Grastonomic specialties with truffles


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Tuber magnatum Pico


Tuber aestivum Vitt.


Tuber melanosporum Vitt.


Tuber borchii Vitt.


Tuber uncinatum Chatin


Fine white truffle: from September to December Black summer truffle: from May to August Fine black truffle: from November to March Marzuolo truffle: from January to March Hooked truffle: from October to January Our fresh truffles are available in the periods indicated above or can be purchased frozen according to your needs.


Contact us for more information on our truffles, harvest periods and to have on your table quality products, always fresh and suitable for all recipes.

The total absence of intermediaries and third-party distributors allows you to have the best truffles at cheaper prices than standard channels.

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LGM Tartufi


Best Service

We have optimized and shortened the “supply chain” of the “Tartufi” sector, reducing the intermediate steps and bringing your business closer to the producer. An efficient “purchasing center”, with a logistic office and various partnerships in the various regions, which guarantees you a delivery throughout Italy and Europe of small and large quantities of goods directly in your room.

Best quality

Consistency, fragrance, color are these the features that we at LGM TARTUFI provide. Our truffles are also appreciated for their scent. The scent of the truffle recalls hay and chestnut, has a hint of garlic but this intense aroma develops only when fully ripe.